Learn How A Card Access System Can Help Your Gym


Having a 24-hour gym allows people to work out whenever they want. Having someone on staff 24-hours a day can be a bit difficult though. You do not want to have to pay someone to be at the gym at all times, but need to have a way to ensure that only paying members come into the gym. A card access system is a great option to consider. Below is a guide to learn how a card access system can help your 24-hour gym.

Remote Entry

If someone locks their card in the gym or leaves their card at home, they could send an email to your company's email letting you know the issue. The access system then allows you to easily open the door remotely so that the person can get into the door without you actually having to go to the gym.

Monitor Access

The access system will allow you to know when the doors to the gym are open and learn if they are open longer than they should be. The system tracks each time a card is scanned to enter the gym. If the door is left open, a door ajar alert will be sent to you. You can then know that you need to go to the gym to shut the door or send someone to shut it.

Suspend Access

If you have users that have broken your gym policies or not paid their bill, you can instantly suspend their card and keep them from entering the gym. This allows you to avoid any controversy. Once the person pays their bill, you can click a button and restore their ability to enter the gym.

Track Users

The system allows you to track how often each user comes to the gym. This allows you to determine who your most active members are so that you can offer them incentives to bring friends and family with them when they come to the gym.

Assess Busy Periods

You will also be able to assess how many people are coming into the gym each day and at what times they are coming. This will help you to know when the busiest times of business are so that you can be properly staffed. You want to be sure that someone is working behind the reception desk during the times that are the busiest.

The card access systems can be installed within minutes. You do not have to do anything to maintain them. They will make running a gym much easier.


7 January 2015

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