Four Good Reasons To Hire An Estate Liquidation Company For Your Estate Sale

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If you've been charged with selling a friend's or relative's possessions after their death or illness, you know that disposing of a lifetime's worth of household goods can be a daunting task. One of the most expedient ways to do this is to host an estate sale.

What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is held to sell an entire household worth of possessions, usually after the owner dies, moves away or has to relocate to a much smaller space, such as an assisted living facility. Although you can organize the sale yourself, hiring an estate liquidation company to assist you offers a number of advantages.

Advantages to hiring an estate liquidator

1. It saves time and energy. Having an estate sale requires a lot of effort. You have to price all of the items, display them attractively, advertise the sale and provide security to prevent theft. If you're dealing with an entire household of possessions, just getting ready for the sale can take weeks. When you hire an estate liquidator, they do all of this work for you. Many will also dispose of or donate any items that don't sell after the sale is finished.

2. It's less emotional. If you were close to the person whose possessions you are selling, sorting through them and watching shoppers comment on them and haggle about prices can be upsetting. An estate liquidator adds an insulating layer between you and the people who buy the items.

3. You gain the expertise and reputation of the company. Knowing how to price items can be a challenge, especially if you're selling someone else's possessions. A good estate liquidation company should be well-versed on how to price popular items and can easily research those they aren't familiar with. In addition, a well-respected estate liquidation company will have a following of loyal customers and will be more likely to draw a larger crowd to the sale than you will be able to draw on your own.

4. There's no out-of-pocket expense. Most estate liquidation companies take a percentage of what they collect from selling your goods at the estate sale. That means they will set up, sort and advertise the sale with no up-front money from you.

While hiring an estate liquidator make not be the right choice for every person contemplating having an estate sale, such a company can save you time and help you to get top dollar for the items you're selling. For more information, contact Windsor Galleries or a similar company.


29 January 2015

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