Love To Keep Your Patio Doors Open But Hate Bugs? Three Types Of Screen Doors That Can Help

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Patio screen doors let you bring the outdoors in but leave the bugs out. Below are three popular patio door styles and the types of screen doors that work best in each case. All help increase the enjoyment of your indoor-outdoor space.

French Door Patio Screens

French doors are one of the most popular types of patio doors. They are usually made of double doors that swing out, though single wide options are available. The side-by-side doors, when opened, give you a barrier-free, double-wide entry way because there is no center post. Outside French doors are typically made with several smaller panes of glass surrounded by wooden, aluminum or composite plastic frames.

Patio screens for French doors usually have two sides. They, like the doors, should meet in the middle to create that balanced look. Single patio screens work well for smaller or narrower French doors. The mesh tends to be tiny, so when the patio doors are open, you have an unobstructed view of your outside space.

Stacking Patio Door Screens

Stacking patio doors are normally used for large floor-to-ceiling windows. They are made of a number of glass panels that, when open, look like one continuous sheet of glass.  When closed, the glass panels "stack" into slots on one or both sides of the door, completely folding behind a fixed glass panel.

The width of your stacking patio door determines if you need one or two patio screens. You only have to screen from the end of the fixed panel, so you can usually get by with a single screen. The single screens are more eye-appealing because you don't end up with a seam in the middle of the door. When the screen isn't needed, it folds away on either one or both sides of the patio door.

Folding Patio Door Screens

Like the stacking patio doors, folding doors are great for covering large spaces. The difference is the folding doors open from the middle and fold towards the end of the window, sort of like accordion doors. They are great for large spaces because you can fold them completely away or just fold back a panel or two.

Patio screens for folding doors are usually quite large, and are typically pleated because they are easier to manage. Like the doors, they fold back neatly when closed and can be opened independently. Retractable screen doors also work nicely on smaller doors, such as the single-wide French variety. Talk to a local provider, such as Scott Screens, to see which option is best for you. 


4 February 2015

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