Flying Balls? Protect Your Windows From Getting Broken

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The windows on your house are exposed to many things from outside that can break them, such as flying golf balls and baseballs. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect them so this does not happen. For example, you can use window screens, use netting, and install window awnings.

Window Screens

If you live close to a golf course, there is a good chance a golf ball will fly into one of your windows and break it.  To keep this from happening, you can hire a contractor to install a shading screen to the exterior windows. This puts a barrier between the golf ball and the window. If your home is very close to the golf course, and you see flying balls often, consider adding another frame to the window for even more reinforcement.

Window screens not only protect your windows from being broken, but they also provide you with protection from the sun's rays and heat, which can help you save money on your energy bills.


If you have a child that likes to play baseball in your yard, or a neighbor that has kids playing baseball on a regular basis, you can protect your windows by installing netting.  If you choose, this, a frame is installed so it sits at the edge of your property, and netting is placed on the frame. Place the frame on the side of your home the baseballs usually come from, and make sure it is large enough to protect all the windows on that side of your house. You should make sure the netting is tight enough so a ball could not go through it. When a ball flies towards you house, the netting will catch it.

Window Awning

Window awnings can protect your windows from flying balls. You can put awnings on only one window, or put them on all of your windows. Besides giving your windows protection, they also provide you with shade. They can be easily opened, however, if you want to let a little sun into your windows for your flowers, yourself, etc. You can choose from different fabrics, such as acrylic, and fabric that is coated with vinyl or laminated polyesters.  Most awnings are water-repellant, which reduces the chances of fading, and keeps mildew from growing when they become wet.

If your windows get broken after taking these precautions, hire a contractor. (at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. or another company) They may need to replace the window, or in some cases, they will be able to repair it.


13 February 2015

Double Up: Bunks Beds as a Small Room Solution

Having to place children's furniture in a small bedroom presented a problem for me. With two growing kids, I needed a dresser to accommodate both boys, as well as two beds. With two beds, desk and chair, toy chest and floor lamp, the room seemed overly crowded. My solution came with a highly functional bunk bed. Bunk beds take up minimal space. Better yet, my choice was a bunk that included a storage drawer. This compartment is used for storing the boys' small toys and other necessities. I didn't have to have a separate toy chest, so I reduced clutter which was great! When you have multiple children all in one room, you need all the help you can get!