Increase Your Home's Security With Biometric Technology

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If you've ever watched a futuristic movie, you've witnessed a scene in the movies where the character swiped their finger over a door or other locked device and it opened. Did you know that you can have this same type of technology in your home? This technology isn't just reserved for TV or the ultra-wealthy. Biometric security is a locking system that can help bring greater security and convenience to your home.

Biometric Technology at Home

Biometric technology is a system that uses identifying factors instead of passwords for an individual to gain access. In terms of home locks, this feature is installed as a pad. Once programmed, you simply press your finger on to the pad to lock or unlock the door.

Incorporating this Technology in your Home

Exterior Doors

Consider adding a biometric pad on your front or back door. Instead of rummaging through your bag trying to find the door key you can simply touch the pad and gain access. This feature can be especially helpful late at night.

Instead of sitting at your door trying to find your keys while also trying to ensure no one is watching you, just use your finger so that you can gain quick access. This technology can also be installed with a hidden biometric pad so that strangers have no idea you have this additional feature installed on your lock.

Interior Doors

Installing biometric pads on your interior doors is also helpful. This is especially true if you have small children in your home. For example, say you didn't want your little ones venturing into the basement without you. If your little ones already know how to open the door, simply closing the basement door isn't enough.

You probably also don't want to install a traditional key lock. With a biometric pad you can secure the area and keep your children safe. You can also apply this technology to your closet or other areas of your home you want to keep private or protected from an intruder.

Working with a Locksmith

Installing this type of technology in your home begins with hiring a locksmith. A locksmith can install a biometric pad atop your existing locking system or remove the old lock so that you rely solely on the pad. In addition to installation, the locksmith can also look over all the locks in your home to ensure they are secure and suggest any necessary upgrades.

You can use technology to keep your home safe and more secure. Providing you with more confidence and less stress. To learn more, visit Bob's Lock & Key


29 March 2015

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