5 Situations When Tree Removal Is The Best Option For Your Yard

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Tree removal isn't a yard service that should be taken lightly, especially when considering getting a larger tree removed from your property. In order to be sure that tree removal is the best option for your needs, consider if any of the following situations sound familiar.


One situation that always deems it a good idea to get a grown tree removed from your yard is when there is a disease of some kind infecting it. Not only can the disease begin to lead to instability with the tree trunk and limbs, it can also end up negatively impacting the curb appeal of your home.

Some common diseases seen with residential trees include bacterial wetwood, beech bark disease, and canker rot. A professional tree service business can help with diagnosing any one of these diseases and determine whether tree removal is your best course of action. 


If your yard has a lot of trees that have grown in to a point where they're beginning to encroach on one another, it may be time to get one or several removed. Not only can overcrowding make your yard look like a mess, but it can also cause a number of problems with the stability trees.


Whether the roots of a tree haven't grown in deep enough or your property has recently undergone a severe storm, it's important that your trees aren't unstable. In the event that the trees have stability issues, they could uproot during the next storm and damage your home or cause harm to someone nearby.

Blocking Out Natural Light

If the trees around your property are providing too much shade, you may be considering getting them removed. This is an especially good idea if you're concerned that your home isn't getting the natural light it should be due to the shade from larger trees.

Obstructive in Landscaping

Whether you've recently decided to redo the landscaping or you've just moved into a new home, you may find that some trees no longer suit the style you're going for. In this situation, it may be time to get some trees removed to make room for other kinds of landscaping.

As you prepare for the project of getting a tree or several removed from your property, it's important that you're confident that it's the best course of action for your yard. With this in mind, you'll be able to move forward towards a tree removal with confidence. Contact a tree removal company like A-1 Expert Tree Service for more information.


5 May 2015

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