Creating Your Own Eye-Catching Rain Chain To Divert Water From Your Gutter System

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If you are looking for a trendy alternative to a plastic or aluminum downspout to redirect water from your gutter to an area away from your foundation, you may want to consider using a rain chain to dress up the area. This is a great way to collect water as it drips from your gutter, allowing it to trickle down in style so it does not accumulate in an area where it will cause harm to your home. Here are some instructions you can use to make rain chain of your own.

Materials You Will Need 

  • (8) light-weight galvanized buckets about 4-5" tall
  • Drill and 1/2" drill bit
  • Round file
  • Pliers
  • 8 foot length of 1/2" thick aluminum chain
  • (9) 1" long "S" hooks
  • (1) 3-4" long eye hook

Note: The quantities of the materials for this project can be increased to a quantity of 8-10 buckets and 9-11 "S" hooks if you would like less space between each bucket. The chain can also be shortened if there is less clearance from your gutter to the ground.

Prepare The Buckets For Hanging

Drill a hole in the center bottom of each bucket using a 1/2" drill bit. Use a round file to remove any jagged edges from the galvanized. Hook the bottom portion of an "S" hook to the handle of each pail. Use a pair of pliers to close the wire so each one remains on the handle.

Attach The Buckets To The Wire

Thread the chain through the mouth of each bucket into the holes you had drilled in the bottoms. This can be done by hanging the chain vertically from a ceiling hook and sliding the buckets onto the chain from the bottom. Make sure the buckets are threaded with the handle side up. Attach each handle to the chain by sliding the other end of the attached "S" hook on each handle through a link on the chain. Use your pliers to keep in place.

Hang The Rain Chain To Your Gutter

Place an aluminum downspout outlet at the mouth of your gutter. To hang the rain chain, install an eye hook to the fascia of the home so it is directly below the lip of the downspout. Thread another "S" hook through the eye hook and use pliers to keep in place. Hang your rain chain from the bottom of the "S" hook and crimp with pliers as well.


12 May 2016

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