Three Methods Professional Exterminators Will Use To Rid Your Home Of Mice

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If you've noticed that the packaging of food in your pantry and been gnawed by a mouse, or if you've seen a mouse running around, it can be an unsettling feeling. If you've tried setting traps, but have either not caught anything or have had more mice appear, your problem may require professional exterminators to resolve. Some homeowners may not think that having mice is a big deal, but they can actually wreak havoc in your home: they get into your food, poop wherever they are, and they damage walls and other structures of the home. They also can spread disease. There are three methods an exterminator will use to get all the mice out and keep them out permanently.

Exterminators First Determine Where Rodents Are Located and How They Got In

The first step an exterminator will take is to make sure your home is safe from more mice coming in. They examine both the inside and outside of your home, including the roof and attic areas to look for any holes or large cracks where mice may be coming in the house. Some pipes could also be a place where mice are getting in, especially if they aren't regularly used. Many exterminators are looking for signs of mouse droppings, which can be hard to spot. This helps them track where they've been and find where they may be entering your home. They will seal any external problem areas first, and wait to seal inside holes or cracks in order to better catch the rodents.

Exterminators Will Help Setup Traps to Get All of the Mice

While some some people have a hard time catching mice. Exterminators will strategically place bait and traps in areas the mice appear to have frequented in your home. This will include areas where the mice have urinated or pooped. Although the exterminator may have sealed areas outside, he or she will still place bait and traps in likely entry points where mice may return to in order to get back in your home. For people using store-bought traps, it could be several days before a mouse is caught but exterminators can often draw mice out and catch them within hours.

Exterminators Will Help You Keep the Mice Permanently Away

Once all of the mice in your home have been captured, your exterminator will help you keep mice away. There are several ways this is done. They will help you place traps in areas around the exterior of your home to prevent mice from getting in. Some exterminators use repellent sprays around the outside of the home, which can be very effective for a short period of time. Some may even use ultra-sonic sound devices that are used to agitate mice and keep them away. These devices aren't always effective outside, but they can be helpful at keeping mice away if used indoors. Having multiple defenses against mice is usually the best approach to keeping them away, and that's what exterminators try to help you with.

With professional exterminators working to find all of the rodents in your home, you will be more confident that your problem will be solved. Rodents can multiply quickly if you don't have your home properly sealed in the spots they are getting in at, and that's why it's worth the cost and effort to get the best help available.


17 August 2016

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