How Does A Plumbing Camera Inspection Work?

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If you have experienced several drain clogs in the recent year and are tired of paying a plumber to clean your lines, you may want to take the necessary steps to find out why you keep having these problems. You can do this by hiring a plumbing company to perform a routine type of maintenance that involves a drain camera. This camera is used to locate problems, and it can be one of the best tools available for plumbing maintenance.

How it works

When you get a camera inspection from a plumber, the plumber will insert a small camera into a drain in your home. This camera is attached to a cable and has the ability to be inserted deep into your pipes. As the plumber does this, he or she can see exactly what is in the lines by viewing the live footage from the camera on a monitor. When the camera detects blockage, the plumber will not only be able to see it, but the camera will also transmit a signal that will help the plumber know exactly where the problem is.

The plumber can insert this camera into any drain in your home, but the camera can also be used outside in your sewer lines.

What it can find

The benefit of having a camera inspection is that it can locate all areas with problems. It can spot clogs in the lines inside your home, and it can find clogs in sewer pipes. It also has the ability to see if the pipes have holes in them or other types of issues. With this type of inspection, you will be able to locate every single area in your home that could be an issue.

Once the inspection is complete, the plumber can make recommendations about fixing the problems. This may involve replacing a few pipes throughout your home or yard, or it might simply involve cleaning out the lines.

The best part is that if you get everything fixed that appears to be a potential problem, you should not have to worry about experiencing clogs in the future. In addition, the plumber might be able to offer some tips that will help you prevent problems. An example of this is getting a water treatment system placed in your home. This will clean your water and remove sediment from it. The benefit of this is that less sediment and minerals will get trapped inside your pipes, which means your pipes will stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

If you want to avoid clogs, leaks, and other plumbing problems, contact a plumber to learn more about maintenance for your plumbing system.


16 September 2016

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