Tips For Updating The Look Of Your Vinyl Shutters

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Vinyl shutters, whether they are fully functional are purely decorative, are usually considered maintenance-free. Although they aren't prone to rot or the other issues sometimes encountered by wood shutters, vinyl does need some minor maintenance to remain looking its best. The following tips can help you maintain your vinyl shutters, or even give them a facelift if they begin to look dated.

Tip #1: Remove hidden dirt

The slats on your shutters tend to collect dust, dirt, and spider webs. This can be especially problematic if the shutters are functional, since that dirt will end up on your windows when close the shutters. The easiest way to clean between the slats is with a shop vacuum. Use the soft brush attachment to get in between the slats and around the mounting hardware.

Tip #2: Deep clean the shutters

While rinsing the shutters off with a hose every once in a while can help keep them looking nice, it won't remove any built up mineral deposits or sticky pollen dust. For that, you need to plan for a deeper clean. There are specialty cleaning products available for vinyl shutters and siding. You can also create your own cleaning solution using a mild detergent and warm water. You can then scrub down the shutters with a mildly abrasive brush. When you are done, simply rinse with clear water.

Tip #3: Reseal the vinyl

Sometimes the color of the vinyl still looks good, but the surface becomes scratched and dull. Fortunately, there is a way you give the vinyl a like-new finish. Vinyl sealers are a specialty product that is usually sold at hardware or paint stores. It goes on as a clear coat, which fills in any shallow scratches and brings back the sheen of the vinyl. Just make sure your shutters aren't still under warranty, as the application of a vinyl sealer may void the warranty.

Tip #4: Try a fresh coat of paint

If sun fading has ruined the color and the shutters are no longer under warranty, it is possible to paint them. You will need to start with a primer that is specifically made for use on vinyl or plastics. Lightly sand the vinyl to roughen the surface, which helps the primer adhere. After applying the primer, allow it to dry completely before covering the shutters with two coats of an exterior latex paint. The result will look like new shutters.

For more help, talk to a shutter company, such as Carefree Coverings, in your area.


30 November 2016

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