Get Your Yard Ready For Spring By Putting Wood Chip Mulch Around Your Plants And Along Walkways

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When you're ready to get your yard back in shape after a long winter, one of the things you may want to do is put down new mulch in your flower beds, around trees, and along pathways in your yard. Mulch helps control temperature and moisture around your plants so they get off to a healthy start and stay protected all spring and summer.

Here's a look at why wood chips are a good choice in mulch, how you can buy them, and how you can put them around your yard.

Why Wood Chips Are Beneficial For Your Plants

Wood chips slowly decompose over time. That means you have to top them off every year, but your plants get the benefits of decaying wood enriching the soil. Wood chips are also attractive. While brown is a popular color, you have a few choices in the type of chips you buy.

Chips can be used for a lot of landscaping projects in your yard. They can be used to make inexpensive walkways and to cover areas that are difficult to mow. However, they are ideal to use as mulch since they hold moisture in the soil and slowly release nutrients as they decompose.

How To Buy Wood Chips

You can buy wood chips at garden supply stores and landscaping supply companies. You may need to buy the chips by the bag at a garden supply store, so if you need a lot of mulch, look for a place that sells it in bulk form. You can have the wood chips delivered to your property and eliminate the need to keep hauling bags home from the store until you get your projects completed.

How To Use Bulk Wood Chips

If it fits your budget, you might find a landscaping company that will blow the wood chips around your yard where you want them. However, if you want to save money or you like working in the yard, you can put the wood chips on your yard yourself.

It's easy to move a small pile of chips around using a wheelbarrow. When you have mulch delivered, the company may drop it off at the top of your driveway. Then you can load it up a wheelbarrow at a time and move it where you want it.

If you think it will take several days or a few weeks to use all the mulch, you might want it to be delivered where it will be out of sight if possible so you won't violate any city codes by having a pile of mulch on your driveway too long.

Using bulk wood chips is easy and convenient. Plus, you'll probably save money since buying in bulk is usually less expensive than buying wood chips by the bag.

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13 January 2021

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