Rain Gutter Issues Can Threaten The Bottom Portion Of Your Home

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If you have been researching rain gutters because you are going to be in need of new ones, then you have likely read all about how damaged or missing rain gutters can cause any number of issues to the siding of your home or to the eaves of the roof. However, a big concern you should have has to do with the problems bad gutters can lead to along the bottom of the home. This article will focus on educating you on the ways lacking or proper rain gutters can threaten the bottom portion of your home, so you see why it's important to have new ones installed when you have problems with the ones you already have. 

Your foundation may be put at risk

It's important to understand your home's foundation can be damaged due to an excessive amount of moisture. This moisture can cause shifts and changes in the soil that can cause the foundation to sink or crack in some areas. Rainfall pouring off the roof and landing along the bottom of the home every time it rains can create this excessive moisture you want to avoid. The puddling water will also erode the area right around the foundation, leaving the edges and corners of it at a larger risk of being damaged. Gutter installation can prevent this type of damage.

The bottom of your home may be put at risk

There will also be wood along the bottom of your home, and you won't want this wood to be subjected to excessive amounts of water either. While steps have been taken to ensure the wood can take moisture and different types of weather, this doesn't mean it should be exposed to too much water. The rainwater pouring right off the roof and puddling along the wood can lead to swelling, rotting, and the growth of mold. Any damages of this kind will need to be repaired, but you can avoid them altogether by having new rain gutters installed.

Your plants or lawn can be put at risk

Many people have a lawn that goes up to the sides of their home, or they have flowers lining the outside of their home, near the sides. If this is the case, then having an excessive amount of water dumped down on them each time rain comes and puddling at their base can cause them to die. Also, large amounts of water falling in the same spot will cause erosion that will expose the roots, and this is one more thing that can cause them to end up dying. 


Now that you have learned of the different ways problematic rain gutters can threaten the bottom portion of your home, you will see the need for prompt rain gutter installation. For more information about rain gutter installation, contact a local installation service.


12 May 2021

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