How Exterminators Get Rid Of Mice

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Mice can be a nuisance as they can chew on valuable property such as furniture and books, causing destruction. Thus, you may spend a lot repairing the damaged property. Additionally, mice may contaminate your food with germs resulting in infections. To avoid such issues, hire mice extermination services. Here is how mice control services eliminate these pests.

Block Entry Areas

Ideally, mice access your house to search for a suitable habitat, food, and water. And since the rodents are small, they don't require large entry areas. The mice can fit in small holes, cracks, and weak points within your property. So, mice extermination services inspect your home for potential entry areas.

Once the mice exterminators locate the entry areas, the professionals seal these points using mesh and sheet metals barriers. Additionally, the entry points include holes in your piping system or vents. If this is the case, mice exterminators usually seal up the holes with adhesive.

Install Mouse Traps 

Mice can breed quickly, and you should identify the infestation early and take action. Mice extermination services usually recommend placing mousetraps throughout your house in areas such as the basement, attic, and store. The professionals set various traps, including glue boards, snap traps, and live capture traps to eliminate smaller populations. And the exterminators ensure that they scout your home and place the traps in the right position to catch the mice.

Place Bait Stations

If you're dealing with a large mouse population, mice extermination services may set up bait stations. A bait station is like a trap, but the stations provide mice with easy access to poisoned food. While you may think that the bait station will lure more pests, this approach may help you deal with large populations and eliminate the rodents over time. Once the mice ingest the poison, the exterminators can track these pests to their hideouts and remove the dead bodies for proper disposal to avoid foul odor from filling your property.

Spray Chemicals

Mice extermination services may recommend fumigation if other physical mouse control measures aren't effective. The professionals choose effective chemicals that are safe for the environment. Also, the exterminators mix the chemicals to achieve correct doses to kill the rodents fast. Further, the exterminators have the correct spray equipment to reach even the hidden areas in your home where the mice hide.

Mice extermination services eliminate mice by blocking entry points, placing mousetraps and bait stations, and spraying chemicals. Consider hiring professional mice exterminators to eliminate pest problems in your home permanently. Contact a mice extermination service for more information. 


27 July 2021

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