5 Reasons To Create Custom Window Treatments

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Custom window treatments can achieve numerous aesthetic and practical goals. If you're thinking about creating a treatment, here are 5 reasons you may want to do it with a custom solution.

Bland Room

It is easy to focus on the window as the subject of a treatment. However, the room containing the window also frequently provides the reason for a project. If a room is especially bland, custom window treatments can add immense visual interest. Matching the treatment to the style of the room can take some work, but even relatively sterile styles like modernist and lighter contemporary designs can breathe new life into a room. Colors, patterns, textures, and folds all can make a relatively barren space on a wall become a focal point.

Limited Scenery

The view from a window can also have limitations. For example, you might have an open yard without much landscaping. Even if you're doing something with the landscape, it may take years before that becomes the focal point of the view from a window. Consequently, custom window treatments can add interest where it might not otherwise be. Designers often folks the curtains to obstruct some of the limited views, allowing the window and the treatment to be the stars.


Street-side windows can be challenging, especially in high-traffic areas. No one wants to have headlights flashing through their windows in the middle of the evening. However, just dropping a blackout curtain over a window can be downright ugly.

One solution is to install a custom window treatment. This allows you to frame the blackout curtain with more appealing options. The curtain will still block the lights, but it won't just look like this thick thing that sits there. You will have a more interesting treatment, reducing how many people will notice the blackout curtain.

Energy Efficiency

Another practical argument for custom window treatments is to improve the energy efficiency of a room. Even the best-insulated windows are not going to be perfect insulators. This means the windows can encourage draftiness. Custom window treatments can limit airflow and reduce how much cold air will get in.

Stylistic Extension

Some rooms have very specific stylistic tones. If you have a Victorian house, for example, you'll probably want to emphasize its features. Custom window treatments that closely track Victorian artistic norms can take a room to a higher level of taste. This works for a variety of styles, ranging from the ultramodern to the solidly traditional.


11 November 2022

Double Up: Bunks Beds as a Small Room Solution

Having to place children's furniture in a small bedroom presented a problem for me. With two growing kids, I needed a dresser to accommodate both boys, as well as two beds. With two beds, desk and chair, toy chest and floor lamp, the room seemed overly crowded. My solution came with a highly functional bunk bed. Bunk beds take up minimal space. Better yet, my choice was a bunk that included a storage drawer. This compartment is used for storing the boys' small toys and other necessities. I didn't have to have a separate toy chest, so I reduced clutter which was great! When you have multiple children all in one room, you need all the help you can get!