Vivarium Supplies You'll Need To Set Up Your System For A Frog

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If you enjoy having an aquarium with fish to watch or growing plants in a terrarium, you might also enjoy a vivarium. You can have a reptile or amphibian pet in a vivarium. You might not like snakes, but a frog could be a fun pet for kids to watch, and you could enjoy growing and maintaining the plants that make up the frog's habitat. Here's how a vivarium and terrarium differ, and some vivarium supplies you might need for a frog.

Vivariums Are For Plants And Animals Both

Vivarium supplies differ from terrarium supplies, so when you're shopping, be sure to note the difference and buy supplies made for a vivarium, and specifically for a frog. Plants commonly grown in terrariums might not survive in a vivarium, and they may even be toxic to frogs.

Terrariums are usually enclosed, and they're a completely different environment from a vivarium that has air circulation to allow animals to live inside. That means the plants you choose will be different and able to thrive in an environment that has more airflow. The vivarium supplies you choose should support both plant and animal life.

A Vivarium Enclosure Is Needed For Your Frog

The first decision you'll make is the type of enclosure you want. Vivariums are made from screen, wood, plastic, and glass. You can make your choice based on the needs of your frog and the way you want to design the enclosure. An advantage of glass is that you'll have a clear view of your frog and plant arrangement.

Plastic is lighter and more durable, but the viewing isn't as good. Wood enclosures can be damaged by moisture, and the wood sections block your view, but wood might be a suitable choice for some animals. A screen enclosure allows plenty of air circulation and viewing opportunities, but it's harder to control the temperature. Each enclosure has its good and bad points.

In addition to choosing the material the vivarium is made from, you'll also choose the length, height, and width. The size needed varies according to the type of animal you have, and the number of animals in the tank.

Common Vivarium Supplies You'll Need

A light is usually added to create heat and to make it easier to see your frog when it's active. You'll also want plenty of plants and rocks so the frog has places to hide when it wants to be left alone. You may also want wood pieces the frog can climb on, although the frog may do a lot of climbing on the wall of the vivarium. When creating a habitat for a frog, you might want an area of shallow water in the tank.

However, if your vivarium has a misting system, you won't need to add water at all since frogs drink through their skin, and misting is sufficient. A base kit is another important item you'll need for your vivarium. You can build the base yourself or buy a kit that has everything you need.

A base is needed for drainage and to make a comfortable and natural floor for the frog. Before you shop for vivarium supplies, read about the type of frog you plan to buy so you purchase the right materials to make a healthy habitat for the frog you'll bring home.

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12 June 2023

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